Basement IdeasThe basement is often neglected space in the house, and it offers so many opportunities. Egress windows can be installed relatively easily and will change the entire feel of your basement. Whether you plan on finishing you basement or not, bilco doors will provide your basement with another point of access. Another great thing about bilco doors is that they allow for you to furnish your basement much easier. Many people find themselves taking apart their furniture because it will not fit down the stairs into their basement.

If you plan to make improvements to the basement of your home, bilco doors are definitely something to consider. My house looks fantastic, but I put a dehumidifier into my bedroom 24 hours ago and already it’s sucked nearly 2 pints of moisture out. If you have a basement conversion and you have damp building up in the corners, it is likely that the damp proofing, or tanking as it is known in basement or cellar conversions, isn’t working perfectly. I have recently noticed black mould in one corner of my bedroom ceiling( not far from window) which seems to have spread over the last six months. This room is especially cold and there is a query over the presence of insulation in the walls and ceiling.Basement Ideas

Have consulted numerous builders who have given me different advice from re rendering to replacing all gyproc walls and ceiling. Hi, ive just bought a flat and whilst decorating over the weekend noticed that the bedroom wall has damp with black spots. We leave one of the bedroom windows open during the day and night even whens its cold but when we wake up the morning this is when the mositure has built up in the lounge and two bedrooms.

The room is next door to the kitchen and the corner where the damp is, is opposite to the washing machine in the kitchen (does that make sense?) Im thinking that there may be a leak in the washing machine which is gathering water in that corner and thus leaking through to the bedroom. The mould on the bathroom ceiling will most likely have been caused by lack of ventilation. We have condensation that builds up on our basement walls ONLY in the 4 corners.

As mentioned there appears to be some possible rising damp in the 2 bedrooms and though a mould spray has been used on the walls and I have painted my walls, it looks like is is coming back and in the main bedroom which is my brothers room there is always alot of condensation on the windows. I have recently found white furry mould in my bedroom which is above the living room and I’ve started to feel ill so I think the mould is affecting my health. I have recently noticed a brown patch forming in my bedroom on an internal wall! We wandered that a solution would be to install another radiator as the bedroom is quite big and only has one.

Basement Ideas

20 Budget Friendly But Super Cool Basement Ideas
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