Living Room DesignThis page focuses on the common-sense ways that Victorian interior decorating took advantage of natural phenomenon to increase comfort – and to do so beautifully and in keeping with the Victorian aesthetic. Almost all of the designs in his of her room reveal his of her inclination to arts or literature. Usually, the arrangement of the furniture and other objects in the room is in a manner that allows him or her to draw or read or write as often as freely as possible. Balance refers to the arrangement of objects that create an even feel in a room. Symmetrical balance is present when two objects in a room are exactly the same and are placed equidistant from each other and from other elements. It is achieved in all elements of design by using one element that differs in color or shape among objects.

To maintain balance, large heavy pieces of furniture should be placed around the room and not grouped together on one side of the room. The décor in your room should maintain the same style but vary in the elements of color, pattern, size, and others. When you put one rough-textured furniture in a room full of smooth textured ones, you achieve contrast. A rattan- or banana leaf-woven chair with a white herringbone tweed-covered cushion is not as cold in a room as a black lacquered chair with white polyester cushions. It is the object which receives the most attention than the other objects in a room. When a room is harmonious, all the elements in the room relate easily to each other.

This is achieved when taking into account the scale of the room, remembering that the people who will use the room will also be part of that scale. If you want large comfortable seats in a small room, you need to reduce the number of other things that will be placed in the room and make sure that the other accessories seem correctly proportional in relation to one another. When a room has rhythm, it means that the colors or patterns are repeated in a way that stimulates the eye and mind. Also, take a good look at your living room and see whether the ceiling is high enough.

Make the room flow” by putting curved lines in the room which lead the eye smoothly from one element to another. Due to its link to the notion of hidden treasures and its uncanny resemblance to a coffin, a wooden chest can be a magnificent item to display in a gothic living room. Another trick to make your living room appear even more gothic is to use a no-sew fabric instead of a prim-looking curtain with loops or chrome rings. Great tips… now I’m just miffed that I already decorated my living room in another style!

They might look more Victorian than Gothic, but if you accessorize the rest of the room with medieval decorations, I’m sure the overall look will be goth enough. Yes….But you don’t really need to buy real antique furniture in order to decorate your room in this style. Right now my living room is sort of a ‘crazy house’ décor, as one of my sons calls it. A sort of Gothic/Victorian mishmash. And if you are on a shoestring budget, you may want to consider any of these inexpensive headboard design ideas.

Living Room DesignLiving Room Design

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