Living Room DesignLiving room is the center of any house, most of us will spend a lot of time in decorating living room. Mirrors are not only good for decorating small spaces, but they can also be used for feng shui purposes (especially in the dining room and living room). Painting the walls with horizontal bands of coordinating colors will also make the room look larger. Wow, so many colors, so pretty…I need inspiration to get to work on a couple rooms that need a re-do.

Just the info i needed :)We were discussing a little while ago whether to place a carpet in our small living room and after i read ur hub……i know i should go for some change in our flooring, carpet is a big no no……my living room would look cramped! I only have one window, which is next to the doorway that opens up. Very useful for any small living room-dining room area. Most of the pictures you’ll see featured here are my own; others are creative commons pictures that struck my fancy.Living Room Design

In this picture, you see a distressed ivory shadow box that I made from a plain wood frame; it’s ‘posing’ with a few other found treasures on the dinette table (in the center of the room). Ever since I found out about stencil…room redecorating has been a family affair! I cannot wait to show my husband… We have been trying to think of something for our guest room and your lens gave me some great ideas. Love the stencils in the bedroom, they really add a sense of elegance into a room.

Going htrough your lemses this one seems to me the easiest to apply by non-professional.. or I might be wrong:) anyway the designs are great indeed. Very informative lens, I like you pastel colors and delicate floral design it remains me of Japanese design. I did Interior design for several years and i.m kinda mssin it. This was very inspiring. I went stencil-crazy in my daughter’s room and she absolutely loves it. Dads: take note, stenciling a wall is pretty simple & it’s a fun way to decorate with your kids. Stencils are wonderful because it gives that wonderful design in any walls of our house.

Wowo!!its amazing design i love this kinds design i m also designer can you visit my site please and get many more information about technologies we are provided web design, Facebook app,I phone app,e commarace and search engine optimization. At least parents could find a way to educate their kids with this kind of wall design. There are links in the article to short profiles of several real-life apartment designs.

Living Room Design

10 Decorating Ideas For An Asian Inspired Living Room
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