Revamping a Used House Boat

Your used house boat can look brand new with a few simple design tips. New yacht cushions can be placed on the seats of the boat and on the furnishings to give a vibrant look as well as a soft place to sit. Take out some of the older sitting areas in the boat, such as couches and chairs, and replace them with a few pieces of modern seating to match the rest of the boat once it’s cleaned and painted. You can do it all yourself, too, when you order custom-cut foam from The Foam Factory.

Another area that you want to look at is the sleeping area. Consider boat mattress replacement so that you have a new bed to sleep on as well as new box spring set. Get a size that will fit in the house boat while giving enough space to add storage, such as a dresser. You should also think about the other areas of the boat that can be used as a bedroom so that there is somewhere for guests to sleep. A small mattress and box spring can be added to an area that isn’t being used in order to have two bedrooms.

When you begin working on the exterior of the boat, you might find that it needs new paint or that there might be areas of the floor that need to be replaced. Get the maintenance part of the boat done first before working on the aesthetics of your home. Use dry fast foam when making new cushions for the seats on the exterior of the boat as the material dries quickly.