Design Trends Coming to Homes Near You in 2016

Today’s world is about transformation, so how can our contemporary home be left behind? So,  if you wish to get a glance  of what our homes are  metamorphosing, into , you are at  the right place. Here , we will explore  the concepts, plans and materials that are coming to homes  near us in  2016.

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Let us check out the design trends of 2016 that will transform your home for a better living experience

1. Durability wins over  tradition:

When it comes to durability, nothing can match the  longevity and strength of the outdoor fabric. No wonder, outdoor fabrics are rapidly  adorning the furniture of  both the dining room and the living room and replacing the conventional indoor fabrics. Perhaps , that is  why it tops our  list of design trends coming to homes near your in 2016.

2. Size does matter:

When it comes to design trends of 2016, we must say ‘think big’ . For quite a time now, large tiles have been decorating our bathroom and kitchen, however, 2016 is the year for something larger than life.That is why your 12*24inches tiles have been replaced by 31*71 inches ceramic tiles. Certainly, 2016 is a year of thinking bigger and achieving larger goals.

3. Modern appliances :

Modern homes call for modern appliances. After all , we are in 2016! Steam ovens and  induction cooktops are a must in today’s  high paced , health conscious lifestyle. It is not surprising that steam ovens  are replacing microwaves as the former assure  healthy meals,that too, in  less time. Similarly, induction cooktops are safer to cook and  also use less space.

4. Statement mirrors in bathrooms:

Say ‘goodbye’ to, boring shelves  in the bathroom and get ready to  ‘welcome’ stylish  mirrors. This fabulous trend is certainly adds a  novelty to our  list of design trends coming to homes near your in 2016.

You can go for  ornate vintage gems, backlit fashionable wonder,large wood-framed marvels  that augment the style quotient  in a bathroom.

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5. Living rooms for family time:

As they say “There is no place like home” 2016 is year to make it happen. The design trend of 2016 is to have digital and  distraction free living room. The focus is on having a quiet corner with comfy chairs where you can read a book or  write articles or just enjoy the view from your window or simply talk with your friends. Perfect option for those into real estate writing jobs.

6. Flamboyant bedroom:

When it comes to the bedroom , flamboyance is the key to start your design trend of 2016.An unpolished wood wall , dramatic ceiling, bold colors are the latest trends to glam up your bedroom, this year. After all exuberance is a  great motivation for those looking for all of us , isn’t it ?

7. Exotic dining rooms:

Fascinating dining room is a must, especially if you  into  freelance writing jobs. The charming decor  of your dining room will  not only lift your spirit but also boost your confidence.Keep in mind to  refrain from a  monotonous look. You can punch up the dining room with  elegant , colorful  chairs , designer floor-to-ceiling tiles etc.  Look for the right  lightings, colors and  do not forget to  strive for a perfect balance between them all. Last but not least,  from this exotic dining room , log on to your account for better writing opportunites and  experience the difference!