In an ideal world, you would have both the shower cabin and the bath in your home – both offer great benefits and both are wonderful additions. In fact, sometimes it seems you need both to be truly happy when it comes to luxurious bathroom experiences. Unfortunately, that dream requires both space and money which most of us can’t accommodate. So we need to make a choice: which of the two would fit best in our lifestyle and give us the most satisfaction? Don’t decide until you have seen the different kinds of shower cabins and baths which are out there. Can’t decide between a shower cabin and a bath? Here’s what you should consider.

On size

Generally speaking, your bath will require more space than your shower cabin – but this is the rule and there are many exceptions. There are baths that require less floor area but make up for it in height and additional features, and a shower cabin can be installed or custom made to fit any kind of available space. Your bath will also require you to use more water. Regardless of your space restrictions, make sure you physically try your bath or shower unit before you install it.

Your budget shouldn’t matter

It’s an investment either way, and you will want your shower or bath to be durable, nice, and as easy to maintain as possible. You are, of course, limited by your budget (everyone is), but it often pays to spend a little more and get the best quality possible for your bathing experience. The shower or bath is the highlight of the bathroom, after all.

Beauty and style

Both shower enclosures and baths come in all styles, various colours, and numerous features. Whatever you wish, you’re probably going to find it if you’re willing to pay for it. However, it’s wise to consider the option that best fits the style and beauty of your bathroom – to choose the unit that complements or even accentuates your existing bathroom décor.

Practicality versus luxury

Your shower cabin will probably keep your bathroom dry whilst with a bath, your floor is bound to receive splashes here and there. Showers are also easier to maintain, especially compared to high-end baths like whirlpools. However, you can’t light some candles or read a book whilst showering.

There’s one more thing to consider – something that applies only to those who sooner or later are planning to sell their house: despite the fact that practicality dictates a shower, most families who plan to buy a home prefer baths over shower cabins, so installing the former is probably a better choice investment-wise. For financial value purposes, the combination shower and bath is a preferred option over the shower alone.

Can’t Decide between a Shower Cabin and a Bath? Here’s what You should Consider