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Hair loss is one of the condition of the hair that needs to worry about. Because the rate of loss of more than 50-100 strands per day, the hair is in a state of severe loss which if not addressed can lead to baldness. So look for ways to treat hair loss with appropriate shampoo is the best way to choose.
Knowing the condition of the hair and find a way to treat hair loss
Hair loss condition consists of a variety of symptoms. There is a loss that is broken, the direct loss from the root of the head, or other hair loss due to conditions such as dandruff. Each of these conditions require different handling which, if handled incorrectly, the condition of the hair will be more severe.
Differences broken hair loss (hair fall) and the loss of roots (hair loss) is the source of its loss. If the hair fall, hair loss due to broken in the middle. This is because the hair is completely dry conditions. So find shampoos and conditioners to hair fall is very important. While hair loss is a loss, based on the hair roots. This is because the strength of the hair at the roots in a healthy condition. So this loss needs to be treated immediately using a dht shampoo for hair loss. A lot of people wrong about these two things and often equate the two conditions so that the loss becomes more severe.
How to treat severe hair loss can begin to improve procedures for treating hair. Hair loss is usually caused by hair or the roots are not too strong because serum vitamin deficiencies so as to give the hair to be one of the important choice. Reducing the daily shampooing is also one way to prevent hair loss because it will reduce the levels of chemicals in the hair. Try to wash it at least twice a day so that the condition of the hair already are eligible to wash. Excessive scratching your scalp when shampooing and drying the hair can also cause hair loss so that these habits can be eliminated.